the world after psd2

compliant or competitive?

Thanks to regulations the banking industry used to be well protected against new (ar)rivals. By making changes to the Payment Services Directive, however, European Union created a framework that integrates the payment services of all types into a shared competitive environment that drives security as well as innovation. The game has changed.

This whitepaper will show you that the updated Payment Services Directive should not be considered a not-so-simple compliance challenge but should be viewed as an opportunity to create and maintain an edge over the competition. When you play, you play to win, right?

This whitepaper discusses the updated Payment Service Directive and includes 4 strategies on how to approach the new regulation:

  • The Financial Landscape is Changing. Rapidly.
  • Time Waits For No Man (Or Bank)
  • The PSD2 Monster
  • What Does PSD2 Do?
  • What Does This Mean For Banks?
  • New Game, New Players - Are These a Threat? Yes, They are.
  • Everybody Wonders Why
  • Feeling Challenged? Rise Up to the Challenge! Your To-Do List
  • Uncertain Times, Certain Solutions
  • Safety and Security First, get PSD2 Compliant
  • Going Beyond Compliance - 4 Strategies
  • Have Goals, Score Goals

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