Chatbots in banking

Acquire, support & go viral

In the digital world, where change is the only constant, another innovation has reached its tipping point: chatbots. Conversational platforms based on predefined logic or artificial intelligence have confirmed a risky hypothesis: people want to interact with businesses as if they were people.

Alongside the new conversational model for interacting with online services and by overcoming the app challenge, bots have made their way into every industry – including banking.

Banks that have recently launched banking chatbots are already starting to see the benefits of this new digital channels. Their bots may be completely different, but the benefits are the same. For many, bots have become their biggest acquisition and support channel, providing personalized and user experience to their customers.

Each day, the number of bots is growing, which makes differentiation a key factor of success. Detailed research of your customer’s behavior can offer clues and guidelines prior to building a bot. Do they seek a payment assistant, saving advisor or just someone to answer their questions?

We believe this whitepaper, backed by research and real-life examples, will help you get started.

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The need for chatbots
  • Omni strategy in banking
  • Benefits for the banks
  • Banking chatbot - how it works
  • Chatbot features on a real case
  • Customer engagement management
  • Recommendations