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The deployment of smart meters promises a new smarter grid, more sustainable energy and lays the foundation for new paradigms such as demand response, flexible pricing, and remote meter management. But, smart meter installation alone is not enough, it is just the first step in realizing the “smart grid”.

In order to reap the true benefits of the new smart grid, utilities need to adapt their systems and core processes. Is their billing system, databases, or service bus going to cope with huge volumes of data that smart meters generate? How are they going to store and process all of this data, ensure privacy and security of the data, and how will they gain insights from the data that will allow them to open new revenue streams, create new services for their clients and unlock the true potential of a smart grid?

The answer lies in:

  • continuous innovation,
  • cutting-edge expertise,
  • market knowledge, and
  • a wealth of experience that our smart grid consultants bring to the table.

We assist you through the digital transformation journey and help you realize full potential of your new smart grid.

The case study below describes how our consultants helped a large USA utility implement a new Meter Data Management and Head-end systems as part of a new smart grid.


Strong technical support and experience were required, as New Meter Data Management (MDMS) and Meter Data Collection (MDC) system implementation and integration was part of a larger new smart grid deployment project.

The system needed to support remote disconnection and reconnection, as well as ability to provide 15 minute or shorter interval data on a daily basis to all stakeholders, consistent with the data availability, transfer and security standards adopted.

The main objective was to have a working, scalable, secure, and reliable system - on time.

Case Study at a Glance

By reading this case study, you will learn:

  • How to carry out the work on MDMS and MDC in the parallel streams, with different
    stakeholders and many specifics,
  • How to define implementation scope of the target components, as part of the larger meter-to-cash chain, and
  • What needs to be done in each target system in the implementation phase to successfully support the client in implementation of a new smart grid system.
Enjoy your read!