This White Paper aims to discuss whether we can connect the Internet of things (IoT) with Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis and how. This would allow us to perform Predictive Maintenance and use it to improve the way we handle our infrastructure and other important assets. For easier understanding, we will use a concrete example of an important asset – batteries.

The target audience for this document are people interested in:

  • Optimizing current infrastructure/assets (e.g. battery pools)
  • Extending the lifetime of infrastructure/ assets (e.g. battery lifespan)
  • Ensuring smooth operation with predictive maintenance
  • Planning maintenance budgets
  • Safety

“The need for better batteries is just starting to roll out, and where there is a strong business need, investors are more interested to participate. We might very well be facing a new era in this field, and the way we manage batteries will become even more important.”

About the Author

Sandi Horvat is an experienced Project and Engagement Manager with a proven track record of working in the information technology and services industry for more than two decades. Focused on finding good solutions for a better future.