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With the rise of messaging apps, the way we use social media is fundamentally changing.
Research shows that most online social interaction is no longer happening in public; instead it is taking place in private groups and messaging apps.
Instant messaging platforms can therefore no longer be considered places where people simply connect and communicate in real-time.
Platforms like Facebook’s Messenger, Whatsup and Viber are increasingly providing a broad range of services to their users, either directly or through partners,
making them central to people’s lives.

High levels of penetration, use and engagement mean that financial institutions are starting to recognise the opportunities social media can bring to their businesses.




“Viber started out as an app that connects people.
Now, we are introducing a way for people to start connecting with businesses and brands through the launch of our Public Accounts service.
Thanks to innovative technology partners such as Comtrade Digital Services, we enable businesses from traditional industries, such as banking,
to enter the instant messaging era and interact with their customers in new ways.

Elad Kojocaru, VP Marketing, Viber



to a huge volume of users


of younger customers




ease of use


business channel

how it works

Comtrade Digital Services helps banks quickly and easily extend banking services to an instant messaging platform –
allowing instant messaging users to access banking services in a matter of seconds by simply adding another public account to their conversations list.
Customers can then transfer money from one account to another, check their bank balance, exchange currencies and access other services with the click of a button.
The service will be particularly attractive to digital-savvy millennials, who use instant messaging apps extensively.
It will allow them to carry out easy, secure banking activities on the platform of their choice.

If you would like to know more about banking bots, click on the link and request your copy of the whitepaper
Chatbots - Opportunities and Challenges in the Banking Industry


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Our Instant messaging banking solution can be implemented on various social platforms.
Skilled team - quick implementation



By integrating the instant messaging platform with our Teslafy customer engagement platform, we can track all customer requests and communications using our back-end application. This guarantees that customer engagement with the bank is processed in the fastest, simplest and most agile way possible. 

The solution supports marketing campaigns by providing a direct communication channel between banks and their customers. Using the banking platform, banks can directly contact registered Viber users with promotions and offers. Similar to website cookies, those communications from banks to customers can then be tracked using Teslafy – allowing banks to build a mass of valuable leads.

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