Whether starting or experienced test engineer, this straightforward book will help you thrive in your day-to-day work. Backed by years of experience, Aleksandar`s book is full of examples of best practices for efficiently executing your tasks in scrum and enhanced with advice on how to build up your team. Added case studies of projects and solutions explain theory in practice and offer deep insight into overcoming challenges in software testing and learning by doing.

This book is about the most massively useful thing a testing hitchhiker can have.


  • Test Engineer in Scrum team - Survival Guide Soft Skills for Test Engineers
  • The Checklist for Submitting Bugs
  • Building Your Test Team in an Agile World
  • How to Build a QA Guild
  • How to choose the right tool? Be Smart - Protract Yourself
  • Challenges of Testing Today - Service Virtualization in a Platform World
  • RAMdom Thoughts


About Aleksandar Ristic
As a Testing Consultant at Comtrade Digital Services, Aleksandar is in charge of leading a testing team of 40+ people in 7 cities across 4 countries and delivering testing and quality assurance services to Comtrade`s clients. 
Over the last 15 years, Aleksandar`s held a number of positions, including Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer and Test Manager and has worked with clients from various industries – storage, telecommunications, gaming, education, travel and public sector. Aleksandar is very passionate about testing, finding and submitting bugs, as well as analyzing problems and finding new ways to break software under testing. He is constantly working on identifying new tools and technologies that can help his team deliver better software to their clients. 
Areas of expertise: testing process, manual and test automation, quality assurance