Could Blockchain solve all the key projects of aviation industry today?


Blockchain is a buzzword one cannot escape these days – but who has hands-on experience from actually working with it?

In our next Hackathon, we are not just talking about Blockchain. We are pitting ambitious students and/or young professionals against experts who have real experience with Blockchain technology and who can give a deeper insight into the network linking Nodes, Hashes, Smart Contracts and more.

But we are not proposing just one-way technology-focused workshops. Rather, we are looking for new ideas and concepts, ways and possibilities to disrupt the Aviation industry with Blockchain. Inspired by Blockchain, we are distributing the effort and counting on tapping into some bright minds.


Check out the video of the Hackathon for some impressions of the event:



Who exactly? Well, you!

We count on your passion, out-of-the box thinking and power to innovate.

We in Comtrade Digital Services Mobility & Transportation Lab are always seeking out new tech trends, upcoming technologies and bright minds to capture them.

Come and join us in Dublin, for a two-day Blockchain Hackathon.





... keep tabs on new technologies...

... are interested in the Aviation Industry...

... know about distributed ledgers...

...are a creative out-of-the box thinker and possess a creative mind...

... want to explore Blockchain beyond the known use cases like Bitcoin...

...are open to teaming up with a diverse group of people to create someting that has never been seen before.

If so, we’d love you to join us in Dublin!

Why is it a hackathon

We live and breathe digital transformation.  We are looking to explore areas of Blockchain which have not been analyzed before. We offer you a co-pilot seat, as we concoct new innovative solutions and create unique experiences.

Business Analysts and Economists are welcome, just as Software Engineers and Designers. Join us as we assemble a cross-functional international group of bright brains and hackers, who keep seeking head-on encounters with breakthrough technologies.

In the end, the teams will present their ideas to an international jury of experts from the Aviation industry and Blockchain pros.


You will be mentored by the experts who are working with blockchain technology on a daily basis

You will get the unique chance to pitch your ideas to the industry leaders from Aviation and Information Technology

You will enlarge your network with the international business and tech community and meet fellow bright minds


Let’s face it, the aviation industry is ripe for innovation. Overall, it could be safer, more careful about the luggage, less costly, more convenient, more intuitive, more personal. Could Blockchain technology actually help make it a bit better, cooler or safer?

Blockchain is especially helpful in security-critical processes. In Aviation, it could be a solution to convoluted, outdated processes. Or it could enrich loyalty programmes. In combination with Smart ContractsZero-knowledge proof and other technologies, new service levels could be unlocked, from which everybody - from airlines to the passengers could benefit.

But it would take some fresh thinking. That’s why we'd love to rack our brains together with you in Dublin!



WHo will participate

We have invited:

International thought leaders from the Aviation industry
Blockchain experts with hands-on experience
our own Mobility & Travel team 
students and young@heart entrepreneurs from all over Europe who want to challenge themselves

At the kick-off event, we will have international speakers to give you new insights into the aviation industry, as well as the blockchain technology, smart contracts and much more. Our team of Aviation and Blockchain experts will be present throughout the event, to assist the teams in technical, economical and general questions and for the validation of concepts.


The Speakers

Rick Nassar, Communications Manager of the Bitcoin Marketing Team | Blockchain & IoT Startups Analyst

Klemen Koželj, Software Developer and Blockchain Expert of Comtrade Digital Services' Innovation Lab

Fiona McCabe, International Financial Services at IDA Ireland

Tony Winters, Technology Consultant, Founder of



The Mentors

Grant Leech, Project Manager at pTools & IoT Security

Guilherme Campos, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Ireland's Blockchain Lab

Marko Javornik, VP/GM Mobility and Travel at Comtrade Digital Services

HuíChí Man, Project Co-Ordinator at Opera Incubator



The Jury

Andrew Quinn, Course Director for Accountancy and Finance at Dublin Business School

Mark Lenahan, Head of Digital Propositions at Travelport Digital

Dejan Ćušić, Business Director Ireland & UK at Comtrade Digital Services

Dave Feenan, Manager at Technology Ireland Innovation Forum

Brian Marrinan, Managing Partner at Journey Partners


Where & When:

City: Dublin, Ireland
January 19 & 20, 2018
Dublin Business School, 13/14 Aungier St.


FRIDAY, January 19

17:00 Opening of the event and welcoming

17:30 - 20:00 Presentations about the state of the art in Blockchain Technology and
how it can help us solving some of the key problems in the avaition industry

21:00 - 00:00 Informal Networking and Intro Party


SATURDAY, January 20

07:00 Starting of project work, breakfast & innovation

12:00 Lunchbreak

15:00 Pitches to the Jury

17:00 Jury decision 

19:00 closing of the event


Food and drinks are provided by us. :)
Just bring your creative mind and your own Laptop.


The Project groups will be pre-selected by the organizational team and you will be informed via email about your group members.


Prize Pool

The Prize Pool contains a total of 3.000€ which will be distributed among the winners.

Application and more info

If you have any questions about the Hackathon, just drop a line to and we'll be in touch!

You can also check out our past Hackathon in Berlin by viewing our wrap-up video


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