white-label conversational platform for informed decisions

Following current trends, the future of banking amounts to 3 questions:

  • Customers have a choice. How will we retain them?
  • The fierce competition will only be increasing. What makes us and our brand unique?
  • Regulations are changing. How we will achieve compliance?
Why Bank on Assisto?
  • Uncertain times in the banking industry call for proven solutions. Meet Assisto: customizable multilingual banking chatbot that turns your bank's risks into advantages, quickly and easily. 
  • When competition is fierce, a cutting-edge solution is still your safest bet. Built on top of legacy systems, a customized Assisto bot can be launched in weeks. 
  • Attracting new customers has never been easier. With gamification, personalized approach and 24/7 availability, chatbot Assisto instantly becomes your customer`s first choice when it comes to banking.
What will you find in this datasheet?
  • A few reasons for chatbots in banking
  • Assisto starter pack features & functionalities
  • Customization
  • Overview and module description
  • Architecture overview
  • Our unique approach to fast implementation